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Disaster Recovery Service

Solid Frontier Technologies provides disaster prevention planning and disaster recovery solutions, if the need ever arises. Alternatively, online backup of data is also available if requested.

It is crucial to have a backup of data located elsewhere in safe hands as we never know what is going to happen in the future, for example, flood or other unforeseen events.

We will review your network architecture, applications and your users activity as part of the planning on how to ensure data replication to other off-site locations, should the worst happens.

Some of the features on how we do it:

Analyze the requirements � We study the requirements given by the customer and the available options that we have. We cover all major technologies, which includes backup using tape, disk, off-site location backup etc.
Data availability � Having struck with disaster on one site, we ensure that data is available from an off-site location within a reasonable time (RTO: Recovery Time Objective)
Minimum disruption � When a disaster occurs, our solution will minimize the disruption for the users.

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