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Remote Solutions

Client�s network is not just about one single location � they might have multiple branches that require a single network to operate. Workers might even want to work from home, with the ability to access company�s files, anywhere they are.

All the above is made possible through Solid Frontier Technologies. Clients tell us what their limitation is � we extend and rectify their network to allow workers to work from home.

Some of the features on how we do it:

Analyze the requirements � We study the requirements given by the customer and the available options that we have. We cover all major technologies, which includes VPN, Blackberry, SSTP, IPSec, Terminal Services and Citrix etc
Web based options � Through the use of Microsoft Sharepoint, users can have a collaboration front by just using a browser
Security is essential � Enabling remote solutions usually opens up extra threats for the network. We will always factor in the security to ensure a secured rollout of remote solutions
Implementation, handover and training � On completion of the deployment of any solutions, we ensure that proper handover is done, and training of the system to the users is done if required.

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